March, 29

Crowdin Enterprise Improved We’ve updated the following API methods: List Groups, List Projects, List Workflow Templates, List Glossaries, and List MTs. From now on, these endpoints will return respective resources within the organization if no groupId or parentId (specific to List Projects) is specified, including the resources outside of the root group. To return the resources located in the root group, please set the groupId=0/ parentId=0.

March, 25

New Add labels to screenshots and filter them based on the added labels.

New Android SDK 1.4.2.

March, 24

Crowdin Enterprise Today, we've updated the List TMs API 2.0 method. This method now shows all the TMs, including those outside of the root group. Also, the filter ?groupId=111 shows only the specified group (e.g., group with the '111' id), not including the root one.

March, 23

New Exported TM files now include the creationdate attribute for each translation.

Improved Showing the repo name along with the branch name in the list of files in the Editor and on the language progress page.

New Python API Client 1.0.0.

March, 19

New GitHub Crowdin Action 1.1.0.

March, 18

New Configure export of the hidden strings for In-Context. By default, the export of hidden strings is in the pseudo-language. To export them in the source language – disable the export option in the In-Context settings.

New Figma Plugin Version 18.

New CLI 3.5.5.

March, 17

New Sketch Plugin 2.3.4.

March, 16

New Integration with Bitbucket Server & Data Center. Here’s how to set up this integration on Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise.

Improved Before creating your Crowdin account, you can subscribe to our blog newsletter. Receive our product updates, industry insights, and localization tips right into your inbox. Subscribe to the Crowdin blog.

March, 15

New Android Studio Plugin 1.3.1.

March, 10

Improved In the Editor, you can now select and copy text from the context section in the Side-by-side view the same way you can in the Comfortable view.

New We added Chinese Simplified language to the Crowdin website:

Improved JS, TS file formats: arrow functions and template literals support.

Improved In-context language is now also available from CDN.

March, 09

New When adding a term or a translation of a term that already exists, you will get a suggestion to update the existing term and decide which description to use for it.

New Download the Translation Delivery Time report to your machine in a CSV file.

March, 05

Improved Improved whitespace trimming during import for the file formats that support segmentation (xml, txt, etc.).

New PHP Client 1.5.0.

New You can now connect multiple repositories to one project on Crowdin Enterprise as well. Available for integrations with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and Azure Repos.

March, 04

New New API Client: Python Client crowdin-api-client-python.

March, 03

New Sketch Plugin 2.3.3.

Crowdin Enterprise If you’re using a Source Text Review workflow step, you’ll see the amount and percentage of reviewed content along with content available for translation on the Project Home page. This is helpful, as reviewed strings are available for translation only if the approved and source texts match. This way, corrected source strings will be available for translation only after you update them in the source files. Please, remember to edit source files locally as well.

New Faster and more accurate preview generation for DOCX and DITA files.

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