Update News

September, 14

Crowdin Enterprise Fixed Undo option in the Activity tab for TM pre-translate step within your workflow.

September, 11

New One more translation vendor you can assign tasks to is Gengo. You can order both translation and proofreading services.

September, 08

Crowdin Enterprise New app you can connect to sync your source and translated content – Madrill, the Mailchimp add-on.

New You can now publish translated Zendesk articles right away. Simply clear the Push as draft checkbox in the integration settings.

Improved Auto-color theme in the Editor: dark or light mode is enabled based on your OS settings.

September, 04

Improved Configure access permissions for Crowdin Apps you install. You can now select who will have access to them and in which projects to make each app available.

September, 03

New We added the Undo option for file upload. Now you can remove a bundle of mistakenly uploaded files in a click.

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Added a list mode to view more projects at once from your Organization’s Workspace.

September, 02

Improved You can now filter strings based on comments and screenshots as well, right from the Strings tab.

September, 01

New Find strings where source equals translation with the new filter in the Editor.

Crowdin Enterprise Added a new translation agency vendor on Crowdin Enterprise - Gateway Translations.

Improved We redesigned the Integrations tab in Crowdin. Now it’s a grid, instead of a list. So you can see more integrations on one page and scroll less.

New New version of CLI has been released (3.2.2)

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