Agile localization for designers

Localize designs before programming starts

Quickly generate language-specific assets. Send content for translation with context for translators, while you're working on the mock-ups or polishing prototypes.

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Localize content while you work, so you have time to tweak things right away

  • Quickly generate language-specific assets

  • Easily create multi-language designs

  • Provide translators with valuable context

  • Save your time and get your designs localization-proof before sending for approval

  • Test your designs across different languages

  • Alter designs before mock-ups are shipped to engineers

"Building a multilingual app in an agile development environment has suddenly become a manageable goal."

Cooperate with human-translators or quickly generate machine translations

Export content from your designs for translation into Crowdin in a click. Get translations back to preview how different languages fit into your designs.

Provide your translation team with context and design previews

Help your internal translation team or an agency make relevant and quick translations by sending your designs and content to your Crowdin project.

Leave your design tools for design creation and separate the translation process.


Check design changes within languages using instant machine translations

Test your designs for each new language group your team adds. You can pre-translate files using the most popular machine translation engines.

  • Google Translate
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Watson (IBM) Translator
  • DeepL Translator
  • ModernMT Translate
  • Globalese
  • Crowdin Translate
  • Kantan MT
  • Amazon Translate

Agile localization for all of your teams

Automatisieren Sie Aktualisierungen von Quellinhalten für die Übersetzung. Erhalten Sie Übersetzungen und treffen Sie dann Entscheidungen über die Zusammenführung und Veröffentlichung.

Crowdin for development

An agile approach to all localization processes

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Crowdin for marketing

Marketing content that resonates across the globe

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Save time with localization that goes along with your design process

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